Are You Thinking About Changing Your Name?


When a baby is born, they are usually given a name by their parents. Some people love their birth name and it fits their personality. Other people, do not like their name and wish to change it.

Whether you like the name or not, at birth, a name gets put on the birth certificate and will be the child’s legal name for the rest of their life, unless…

There are many reasons people choose to change their legal name:

  • They just don’t like it – The name someone was given at birth makes them feel embarrassed or they want a different name that they feel is better suited to them
  • Changing a child’s last name – Sometimes if the father was never around or a non-biological spouse raised the child, a parent may choose to change the child’s surname
  • Following divorce – Upon divorce, if a woman had taken her spouse’s last name, she may want to change it back to her maiden name or a different surname
  • Hyphenating or combining last names – Some married or cohabitating couples choose to combine both of their last names to create a new one that incorporates both of their surnames
  • Gender identity – People sometimes want to change their name to one that is more in line with their gender identity or when undergoing gender transition.
  • REAL ID compliance – Occasionally a mistake is made on a birth certificate that does not get corrected during childhood, or a Social Security card gets issued that does not exactly match a birth certificate. The REAL ID Act has made legal correction of these mistakes a requirement before driver’s licenses or identification cards can be issued or renewed.

If you have been thinking about changing your current name for any reason, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer. Technically, you do not need a lawyer, but having your name changed in the state of Florida is a legal process which may require a court hearing.

Some steps need to be taken to successfully change your name, and having a lawyer take you through the legal process may provide more comfort as well as help usher your petition through the system.

Changing your name is a personal decision and if you have been thinking about taking the steps to change your name but would like more information, or if you are ready to get started, Daniels Law, P.A. can help! Call today (239) 766-6510.

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