Custody by Extended Family

Custody by Extended Family in Fort Myers, Florida

At Daniels Law, P.A., we understand that not every child grows up in a traditional family. When circumstances require an extended relative—such as an aunt, uncle, or grandparent—to seek custody and care for a child or children, the situation can require a great detail of documentation and complicated legal processes. This is where our firm can help. For more than a decade, we have provided invaluable guidance and compassionate support for families navigating cases involving custody by extended family in Fort Myers. To discuss your family’s unique situation, schedule a free consultation. We can set up convenient, virtual meetings, so no matter where you are, you can get the counsel you need with less hassle. 

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Who Is Considered “Extended Family”?

Florida law considers someone part of a child’s family if they are related to them biologically or by marriage. 

As such, “extended family” can include: 

  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Nieces and Nephews
  • Uncles and Aunts
  • Cousins
  • Great Uncles and Aunts
  • Great Grandparents

In addition to this list, “fictive kin” are also extended family. These are people who might not be related to a child through blood, marriage, or adoption, but who have a meaningful relationship with them no less. Examples of this might include a close family friend, a neighbor of numerous years, and others.

Temporary and Concurrent Custody in Florida

Members of a child’s extended family may pursue concurrent or temporary custody. With concurrent custody, a child’s biological parents retain their parental rights, but a court also grants these same rights to an extended family member. For temporary custody, a child’s relative will gain parental rights for a certain period. In both cases, these rights include the ability to make educational and financial decisions for a child, as well as the ability to consent to medical procedures and care. Generally, a child’s parents must consent to either type of custody. A judge can waive this requirement and order temporary custody in situations where it is in a child’s best interests. 

What You Need to Petition for Temporary or Concurrent Custody 

For concurrent custody, a person needs to have either obtained the notarized consent of both parents or housed and cared for a child for over 10 days in a 30-day period. For temporary custody, petitions require either the notarized consent of both parents or proof that the family member has housed and cared for a child full-time. 

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Whether you want to seek temporary or concurrent custody rights, filing the correct forms and following the pertinent legal procedures are both essential and complicated. You do not have to worry, though. At Daniels Law, P.A., we have the know-how to guide you through every step of the process. Schedule a consultation with our firm today, so that we can begin helping you pursue custody by extended family in Fort Myers. 

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